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    Visitors to Rumoi may be surprised to find how many fishing ports there are. A large selection of seafood are caught off the coast, including shrimp, octopus, squid, flounder, Pacific herring, Atka mackerel, scallop, salmon, trout, sea urchin, abalone and more. These fresh and delicious selections are available in Rumoi for a far more reasonable price than sushi restaurants elsewhere in Japan.


    Mashike Town fruit farms produce strawberries, cherries, prunes, grapes, Japanese pears, and apples. In addition to the local supermarkets and grocery stores, these fruits are also sold at the farm-owned fruit stands. In addition, most fruit farms allow customers to pick their own fruit from the field. Why not find the time to visit one of the local fruit farms to experience the fun of fruit picking yourself?

    Farm Produce

    The southern region of Rumoi Subprefecture is known for its high quality, delicious rice crop. Enbetsu Town, which marks the northernmost point in Japan where rice can be cultivated, also grows glutinous rice. We invite you to savor the local tastes that are uniquely Rumoi, from fruits grown along the central region, such as sweet cantaloupe and watermelon, to fresh bread made using locally grown wheat.

    Meat / Dairy Products

    We are proud of the superior quality meat cows in Rumoi, such as the Black Wagyu beef raised in the vast open ranges of Obira Town and Suffolk beef raised on mineral-rich pastures whose nutrients come from the sea.


    The oldest sake brewery in Hokkaido, Kunimareshuzo Brewery, is located in Rumoi. The brewery carries a wide range of sake made using the pure natural spring water taken from the base of Mt. Shokandake, including its feature brand, Kunimare, the highly fragrant Daiginjo selection which is a light tasting selection popular among female consumers, as well as products only found locally. In addition, local cider made by the Mashike Fruit Winery through its unique brewing method, and the fruity tasting wine, O Village, made from grapes grown locally in Obira Town are both quite popular among visitors and locals alike.


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