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    Soft Serve Ice Cream


    Why not try a local soft serve ice cream while on the road?
    Visitors are recommended to try at least one variety of locally unique soft serve ice cream, whether its rich, thick and uses only the freshest milk from the ranch, or an original flavor inspired by local produce.


    Haskap soft serve ice cream

    Shosanbetsu Village
    Polaris Restaurant in Misakidai Park

    Made of haskap grown in village farms and features a delicious taste and gelato-like texture.

    Ice cream in a cup with adzuki red bean topping

    Enbetsu Town
    Fujimi Roadside Station Shop

    Full-bodied, rich milk ice cream covered with a generous helping of adzuki red beans grown in Enbetsu Town.

    Soft serve ice cream

    Obira Town
    Obira Nishinbanya Roadside Station Shop

    A full-bodied soft serve ice cream made with fresh milk that features a rich milky taste.

    Soft serve ice cream

    Obira Town
    Sellers Otaki

    The store's original recipe ice cream does not use milk. It goes well with a slightly harder ice cream cone, and its light taste is irresistibly refreshing.

    Soft serve ice cream

    Rumoi City
    Reuke Ranch

    The ice cream is served in generous portions and has earned a great reputation among its followers. Its rich-tasting, full-bodied soft serve ice cream uses only the highest quality local milk.

    Soft serve ice cream

    Mashike Town
    Hayashiya Frozen Desserts

    The store takes pride in its original blend which sets it apart from its competitors. The rich, full-flavored taste is what keeps locals coming back for more.

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