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    The Rumoi area also features a variety of hot springs each with different water and mineral qualities that are sure to ease any mental or physical fatigue you may have.

    Of particular note is the location of these hot springs. Imagine enjoying the sunset over the Sea of Japan from a hot spring bath, seeing wildlife up close from just beyond the fence of an outdoor hot spring bath, or gazing up at the extraordinary star-filled night sky while taking a dip. These dramatic backdrops of seasonal wonders and natural beauty of the Rumoi area are sure to cleanse your body and mind.

    Most hot spring spas include adjoining restaurants where visitors can enjoy an extravagant smorgasboard of local cuisine following their hot spring experience.

    While traveling between tourist destinations in the Rumoi area, visitors can also stop by one of the area's many day spas to enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating dip in a hot spring.


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