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    Enjoy Nature!


    Skiing & Snowboarding

    Visitors can enjoy skiing and snowboarding in the wintertime and experience the exhilaration of downhill skiing facing the Sea of Japan. The area offers a variety of unique slopes that are sure to please everyone from beginners to advanced skiers.

    Teshio Municipal Ski Area

    Haboro Municipal Ski Area

    Obira Boyodai Ski Area

    Enbetsu Kowa Ski Area

    Tomamae Sankakuten Ski Area

    Shosanbetsu Village Ski Area

    Rumoi Kamui-Iwa Ski Area

    Kotanbetsu Midorigaoka Ski Area

    Mashike Municipal Shokanbetsudake Ski Area

    Mountain Climbing & Trekking

    Mt. Shokanbetsu has three mountain climbing routes: the Shokan Route and Hashibetsu Route from Mashike, and a route that traverses the south face of the mountain from Uryu Town. The mountain is known for its pleasant scenery and relatively easy slope, but as weather conditions can change suddenly, climbers are asked to be prepared with the proper equipment.

    Golf & Park Golf

    Golfers visiting Rumoi are sure to enjoy an exhilarating experience, whether playing a downhill hole facing Mt. Shokanbetsu or a hole with unobstructed views of the Sea of Japan. In addition to golf, the Rumoi area also features several park golf courses. Park golf can be best described as a sport that blends golf and croquet. Many courses provide rental clubs, making it possible for anyone to enjoy a round during their trip to Rumoi.

    Bird Watching

    Teuri Island is a noted bird watching destination and one of the world's largest seafowl breeding grounds. The island is also known as the only place in Japan where murre (ororon in Japanese) breed. Seafowl can be observed from many places such as aboard a boat or scenic lookouts.

     Teuri Island


    Surfing is popular along the Segoshi and Hamanaka seashores of Rumoi City as well as the Shakuma area of Mashike Town. There are also many local surf shops that can provide equipment rentals and knowledge on surfing conditions.



    All eight municipalities in Rumoi Subprefecture are bordered by the Sea of Japan and feature a multitude of prime fishing spots where anglers can enjoy a seasonally diverse catch.

    Canoeing & Kayaking

    Teuri Island and Yagishiri Island offer fun-filled and thrilling sea kayaking adventures with exceptional waterline views of the islands and horizon.

     Teuri Island

     Yagishiri Island


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