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    Otowa Garden
    [Teshio Town]
      Asahi Park, Iris Garden
    [Haboro Town]
    The garden boasts a grove of beautiful Japanese cherry trees more than 80 years old. Located along National Route 232, the park welcomes large numbers of people who come to see the cherry blossoms during the spring.   During the start of July, nearly 30 varieties of flowering irises strewn across the garden bloom to form a purple and pink blanket.
    Kanaura Wild Flower Garden
    [Enbetsu Town]
      Fuji Garden
    [Obira Town]
    A host of lovely daylilies blooms along the seaside area of the park between June and the middle of July each year.   The garden features a wisteria tree that is over 110 years old with a canopy that encompasses an area equivalent to 100 tatami mats (167 square meters or 1800 square feet). The tree is an impressive sight worth seeing, especially when it is illuminated at night seasonally.
    Haboro Rose Garden
    [Haboro Town]
    Japan's northernmost rose garden is known for its spectacular color display featuring over 2,000 rose bushes that bloom from June to September each year.    

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