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question Can I use traveler's checks and credit cards in Hokkaido?
answer Traveler's checks and international credit cards can be used in major cities such as Sapporo without problems, but please note that most places in the Rumoi region do not accept these payment methods.
question Can I take out a cash advance from an automated teller machine (ATM) in Japan using an overseas credit or debit card?
answer Most ATMs do not take credit cards or cash cards issued outside of Japan. Certain Japan Post Bank ATMs may be used for this purpose, in which case, the ATM will be identified by a sign or sticker that reads "International ATM Service". Also, cash can be withdrawn from Seven Bank ATMs in 7-Eleven stores within the city of Rumoi.
question What type of clothing should I bring to Rumoi?
answer The Rumoi area is considered part of northern Hokkaido. It gets cold after dark even in the summer, so be sure to bring at least a light jacket. As the inside of buildings is heated during the winter, you do not need to worry about wearing thick layers indoors as long as you have a heavy coat that can protect you when you are in the cold outdoors. Temperatures vary widely by season, so be sure to check the latest weather and temperature information before you arrive.
question Is it difficult to drive in the snow?
answer The ground in Rumoi is frozen during the winter and can be very slippery. Driving in the winter requires careful attention. You should be more cautious compared to driving in the summer.
question When is the best time to visit Rumoi?
answer The weather is mild throughout the summer with a refreshing sea breeze, while autumn offers delicious seasonal delicacies as well as vibrant color contrasts between the fall foliage and sea. On the other hand, winter lays down a white carpet of snow, creating a beautiful backdrop for incredible natural phenomena. The area offers stunning natural scenery during each of the four distinct seasons characteristic of Hokkaido.
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